Newtown Termite And Pest COntrol - Dangerous & Unethical Exterminator

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I in good faith and trust contacted this company to mouse proof my home for the fall/ winter and spray for ants.I informed them I have four large labs who love to chew anything they perceive as a toy food- I expressed this multiple times.

I was assured that they were 100 percent animal proof/ safe. The following morning I found an opened bait box in my garage with the contents absent and three dogs around it. I called the business asap and they could not tell me the name of the poison. I rushed my pets to the vet and eventually was given a call back from the business who gave me the name but could not tell me if it would harm my pets.

I asked for the owner to call me and suggested they cash my check under the circumstances. My pets were treated with a traumatic series of induced vomiting and digesting charcoal. The owner called me back and told me this was not his problem, he would be collecting his fee, and that unless my dogs had thumbs they could not have opened the box. As they do not have thumbs I can only assume the box was never closed properly.

Tragically one of our beloved dogs died several hours later from a massive seizure. We never heard a woes dorm the business and our check was cashed.We asked the business to remove all outside bait boxes the day of the incident which they stated they did. Two weeks later I received a call from my daughter who came home to find yet another box open in the driveway with the contents absent. Again we had to spend time, money, and great stress at the vet.luckily the animals were ok.

A call to newtown pest resulted in them saying it was not their box. As we had no other exterminators out it had to be theirs.I checked with the EPA website and the agent/ poison they use is on a list to be banned as a threat to children, pets, and non targeted wildlife. This certainly does not in any way confirm their claim of safety and honesty.

How frightening- they are using an agent in their mouse bait boxes under review by the EPA to be removed from use!

Review about: Ant Exterminator.



We own a small pest control company in California.The only bait boxes we use are of the metal type, which are anchored to the ground and require a hex key to open.

They are more than cheap enough for any company to use economically, and so strong they can be run over by a car. I would recommend you look for a company which uses this type of box.

We also use bait blocks laced with Bitrix, an extremely bitter substance which causes animals to immediately spit it out if they do somehow get a hold of it (rodents actually cannot taste, which is why they will eat it).

Ask the company about this.They are required to read the label of any chemical or bait they use, so they should be able to answer.

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